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Hasan Shrine Temple

1822 Palmyra Road

Albany, GA 31701



Hasan Shriners is part of a world-wide organization of Shrine Masons consisting of 191 Shrine Centers scattered over the entire world. Our philanthropy supports and manages Shriner’s Hospitals for Children. We treat children for orthopaedic needs, cleft palates, and burns. Many of our hospitals have become Research Hospitals and doctors from all over the world are being trained in our hospitals. This philanthropy requires us to raise the money for their operation, as well as our Shrine Centers. We do this by holding fund raisers in our local communities and at parades in your hometown.

When you see us in our distinctive red fez’s on the street collecting money, please remember what we are doing and help our fraternity by giving what you can. These funds help mend a child’s body so they can have a better quality of life. Wouldn’t you like to participate in such an organization by joining us to help these children?

Tony Morris

Potentate 2015

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The Dixie Shrine Association now has a website: www.dixieshrineassociation.com.

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